Women’s Welfare: Staco Insurance Plc makes a new case

Staco Insurance Plc has concluded plans planned to strengthen professionalism among the female employees of the company across Nigeria and the industry as a whole, in efforts to enthrone gender balance in operations.

Speaking at a conference themed: “ Towards Professional Advancement”, the Director of Human Resources and Administration, Tobore Ojumah, explained that the objective of the conference was to consolidate the female employees and increase the interaction between the women folks in the company.

She noted that the event was aimed at helping the women folks to better manage their professional lives and there needs to be a balancing of both areas of the woman life to be a true success in life.

Besides, she said the that from the holistic approach, the conference will enhance engagement of the female employee in the company’s activities and operations.

The Non-Executive Director of the company, Helen Emore, stressed that there was the need to encourage women to be active in the company as there is room for more women in management, even at the board level.

However, for women to take up this management and leadership positions, there is the need for self-development and also for everyone to take up mentoring the junior colleagues and with that being done regularly both individually and collectively, “we are in our own little way strengthening each other and the women clan collectively.”

Three external facilitators shared their wealth of knowledge and experience at the conference- the Managing Director, Peak Thrust Insurance Brokers, Bimbo Onakomaiya, who spoke on Excelling in a Competitive Market.

She stressed that women should be accountable to themselves and if they have something vital to offer, no one will under value or underestimate what they are bringing to the table.


Source: Guardian