What are the most popular sectors for today’s business philanthropists?

When it comes to business philanthropists’ generosity, there are few sectors that fly under the radar, with many receiving cash offerings and support each year. It may come as little surprise, but healthcare, the environment, education, and social welfare are some of the world’s most supported sectors, while American businessmen and women champion youth and families, animal care, medical research and health, disaster relief and global healthcare, as well as education in the form of grants and scholarships. These are critical issues, no matter where in the world they are discussed, and they require time, effort, and resources in order to create resolutions. In giving their donations each year, some of the world’s most renowned philanthropists from the world of business are helping to further a variety of causes.

Whether it’s involving an issue here in the US or across the other side of the world, education is in the hearts and minds of some of the world’s biggest philanthropists. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has made generous contributions to the school system in recent years, while Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two other well-known businessmen helping to improve educational resources and standards here and abroad. Thanks to the generous offerings of such philanthropists, many children in the developing world now have access to school books and other supplies, while the plight of women’s education has never been so international.
Meanwhile, the disaster relief and global healthcare sector has seen a massive spike in donations, as the developed world continues to recognize its fortunes in comparison to the less fortunate in the third world. Once again, Bill Gates has given his support to the charities working their hardest abroad, while Nigerian president Atiku Abubakar’s wife, Jennifer, has lent her time and money to help banish the stigma of HIV and AIDs. There has also been a huge increase in awareness of the environment’s instability, as philanthropists such as Al Gore and a host of celebrities fight to challenge the public’s obliviousness to issues such as global warming and deforestation. These sectors and more are being targeted by today’s business philanthropists, as each decides to champion a cause that will benefit humanity. 
Philanthropy and young people
As previously stated, the youth and families sector is currently the most championed in the US, enabling businesspeople to support those who are less fortunate and ensuring that families are given access to the help and resources that they desperately need. This generosity is perhaps best seen in the area of children with special needs and social and educational requirements. Diagnoses of autism and similar spectrum disorders are on the rise, and so it is critical that funding and assistance be made available. This increase in cases of autism has been brought about by a better awareness and medical understanding of such conditions and has, in turn, ensured that children and young people can be given essential resources and treatments. Where once autism was left untreated and misunderstood, it is now at the fore of many philanthropists’ minds. One such campaigner is Lindsey Stone, a former human services professional who now works tirelessly to raise awareness of the impact of autism and spectrum disorders, as well as supporting and offering training to children and young people affected by such conditions. While many people are still coming to grips with terms such as autism, ADD, and ADHD, Lindsey has gathered together years of experience working with those affected by developmental and educational disabilities, and her passion lies in helping them to lead functional, happy lives alongside the rest of society. In addition, Lindsey promotes research into the causes of autism as well as its treatments and has seen scientists in the field make huge progressive leaps in the last few years; hers is support that is paying dividends.
Translating as ‘love of humanity’ and referring to the enhancement of what it means to be human, the word philanthropy is one that is bandied around a lot these days. With so much ill feeling and unfairness in the world, it is often refreshing to hear about the good deeds that have been done throughout the world. The good news is that acts of philanthropy and charitable giving are on the rise, as more and more of the world’s leading businessmen and women choose to donate their valuable time and hard-earned money to worthy causes.