SME Insurance: Linkage Assurance Plc offers Comprehensive Package

In an effort to address the challenges faced by the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the country, Linkage Assurance Plc has committed to grow their business via a new product called SMEComprehensive Insurance Plan.

The company said the new product SMEComprehensive Insurance Planí provides financial protection to small and medium sized businesses against an array of insurable risks in order to ensure their business continuity.

Linkage Assurance Plcís SMEComprehensive cover allows business owners to run their companies without having to worry about unexpected events that can slow them down or bring them to a complete halt,î the company said in a statement.

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Linkage Assurance, Dr Pius Apere, said Nigerian SME businesses operate in a tough, rough and often fast changing harsh economic environment.

SME businesses are still held to the same standards of corporate governance, employee welfare and liability as the larger companies and they often have to manage their risks with fewer resources and less time to spare on distresses other than those relating to day to day business.

According to him, SMEs therefore require an affordable, well-packaged insurance policy, which will protect their assets, liabilities and employees from the risks associated with operating a business.

Whether it is water damage from leaking pipes, money lost in transit theft, or a fire at a warehouse, these are liabilities that cannot always be anticipated. Linkage Assurance Plc provides you the confidence you need to keep moving with the knowledge that your assets are covered from loss and other legal liabilities.

The Plan is available with five different optional section and flexible enough to cater for the insurance needs of SMEs across diverse sectors of the market.

Linkage Assurance SMEComprehensive plan covers a wide spectrum of SME customers from a small single office premises for self-employed business owners to a multi-dimensional retail companies with a material damage/business interruption exposure spread across multiple locations.

The cover is for hotels, hospitals, water bottlers, publishers/printers, drycleaners, haulage, furniture, logistics and cottage manufacturers, etc.Features of the plan the Company listed includes damage to buildings as a result of fire; theft of contents, with the following options to cover; occupierís liability; personal accident for employees; professional indemnity and motor (including own goods).


Source: Guardian