SmartCabs launches free Driver/Passenger Liability Insurance

The transport landscape is getting interesting – enough that more new players are entering the field.Smart Cab Nigeria, another online cab request service provider, launched in Lagos in February 2017, is increasingly getting the recognition and attention of riders in Lagos and the other states in which it operates.

Launched by Jubril Arogundade, the Smart Cab app, like Uber, Taxify, Ogataxi and every other transport app, allows users to order cab services online and track their requests.

The e-hailing sector in Nigeria is largely limited – same pool of drivers, a very slowly increasing pool of riders – so the differentiating factors are usually limited to price and customer service. Uber and Taxify have been fighting that battle for a while, but Smart Cab believes it has identified more unique differentiators in addition to those.

The service allows riders choose their preferred ride and drivers, right from the app – still trying to work out how this is a fair arrangement. Not only that, there is also a promise to offer free WiFi on board and driver/passenger liability insurance.

In fact, Jubril, the country manager for Smart Cab believes that Uber and Taxify are following in Smart Cab’s footsteps. He says as much in this interview with The Guardian newspaper:

“It is exciting to know that a company that started in less than two months has created policies in the cab business that others now follow its footsteps. Firstly, smart cab introduced free wi-fi on board and Uber quickly followed.

When smart cab started accepting 2003-year model cars, which was revealed at the forum that was held for partners on April 25, 2017, Uber came up with a policy the next day saying they are now accepting 2003 cars.

The latest is that Uber, Taxify and Oga Taxi has slashed down their price without considering whether their drivers make profit or not, drivers are now lamenting because they are truly not making profits.

These companies could not keep up with the competition because Smart Cab has taken over the larger market share.”

Well…okay. Smart Cab also offers a uni-level marketing programmer where riders earn 2% residual income on every other rider they refer. The service is currently operative in Lagos, Benin, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Ibadan.

As an aside, it’s worth it to note that Taxify has once again increased their fares: Base Fare: ₦320, Per Kilometre: ₦72, Per Minute: ₦7, Minimum Ride: ₦400. Their reason? They want their drivers to be happy going online to deliver safe, convenient and affordable rides at fair prices.

The Smart Cab app is available for both iOS and Android devices.