Question: Should a Christian get insurance?”

Christians often struggle with the question of whether to get insurance and if doing so demonstrates a lack of faith. This is a healthy struggle, and believers need to examine the Scriptures and come up with an answer they can defend biblically.

First, let us agree that insurance is not specifically mentioned in the Bible. If something is not specifically mentioned in the Word of God, then we must draw from the principles and teaching of the
whole testimony of Scripture. After gleaning all applicable scriptural principles, different believers may come to different personal convictions. Romans chapter 14 says that such situations call for respect of others’ convictions. In that same chapter, believers have a responsibility to make up our own minds (Romans 14:5). The wording of the text indicates that we are required to do a thorough study of the Word of God and then to form godly personal convictions. The final verse of that same chapter states that whatever we decide must be an act of faith.

Here are some of the biblical principles to guide us. We are to obey the authorities over us. Thus, when we are required by law to have insurance, such as auto liability, we must comply. We are to take care of our families. Thus, we should plan ahead for the future benefit of our families. This could also include preparing for the undesired and unforeseeable early demise of a parent. Life insurance can be seen as a lack of faith, love of money, prudent planning, or possibly wise stewardship of funds. Each person’s conditions and convictions may differ in these areas. God certainly advocates planning ahead. The story of Joseph and his wise planning not only saved the nation of Egypt but also the people of Israel and the lineage of Christ (Genesis 41).

The bottom line is we must study the Word of God and call out to Him, asking what He would have us do in this and all areas of life. Hebrews 11:6 states that without faith it is impossible to please Him. This is the real question: “Will this please my Father in heaven?” Another verse to consider is James 4:17, which makes it clear that if we have a chance to do good, we must do it, or else we sin. Another verse that addresses this issue is 1 Timothy 5:8, which states that if we want to minister to others, we should start with our own families. Insurance can be a good and proper tool to assist us to achieve these goals.