Online insurance platform berths in Nigeria

It is a known fact that many Nigerians don’t insure their properties and this is understandable, considering the number of scams and the amount of time spent in trying to rip the dividend from insurance companies.

However, the implication of not insuring ones property is usually not considered if disaster or accidents occur.

Also the integrity of insurance companies is doubted, making it harder from for people to ensure. In an effort to ease Nigerians of their fear and doubt, an innovative internet insurance platform for Nigerian internet users was launched recently in Lagos.

The online car insurance website, Topcheck, was founded by two German tech entrepreneurs, Christian Wiesner and Thomas Pilar, who said they came to Nigeria for the enormous opportunities in the country.

The platform according to them will enable insurance seeks to compare prices and buy insurance policies directly from insurance companies on their mobile phone or their computer. “Traditionally, insurance in Nigeria has been very weak but there are lots of efforts in the industry to strengthen insurance as a product and make it much more effective for the customer,” Pilar, adding that they have noticed change in the economy which is the reason they moved to Nigeria.

The site is available to a public of millions of internet users and at the same time making it much easier and convenient them to use. “We offer a platform that set the standards of buying insurance by providing the fastest, most secure and most comfortable way to do so. We connect insurance companies directly with insurance seekers on our website,” said Wiesner.

According to them, consumers can buy car insurance policy within 10 minutes without going anywhere or without needing to visit an office, thereby increasing convenience to insure in the comfort of their homes or office on their platform

“Recent numbers show that the enormous amount of 97.2 million Nigerians is already connected to the internet. We try to make the insurance space more customer friendly by offering innovative solutions that traditional insurance companies do not offer,” said Wiesner.

They informed that they are partnering with trusted security companies. In their words: “We apply all security measures we can and our customers can be 100 per cent sure that their data and systems are 100 per cent secured as well as partnering with various top companies such as Mountain Partners, Trivago, Jumia and amongst others, including investors in order to give customers value for their money.”

However, they said TopCheck “is not an insurance broker, but an independent website offering a free and easy to understand comparison of insurance and other services. TopCheck only lists the products of the best providers in the market,” assuring customers that they acts in their best interest and only lists the products of the best providers in the market. “Our mission is to bring transparency to a market that has been very in-transparent for the customer traditionally.

“We love Nigeria” said, Wiesner, “here in Nigeria, we experience a level of dynamism and an optimistic business mentality that we miss in Germany. For this reason Thomas and I moved here recently.”

Source: The Nation