Online Insurance Agent: The Invisible Saviour

With hundreds of insurance policies available in the market today it becomes an increasingly difficult task to pick and choose an insurance policy that best meets your needs. Buying an insurance policy is a daunting process even for someone with a lot of knowledge about insurance.

When you find yourself stuck on things like premiums, tax-saving benefits, etc. you look to your insurance agent for help. When you’re confused your go-to person is the agent.

Don’t forget that agents are critical to the insurance buying process because they simplify jargons for you and take you through the policy benefits in detail.

Any questions that you probably wanted to ask before making a purchase you can ask your agent.

Today catching up with the e-commerce wave, life insurance plans are also available online which makes buying insurance convenient.
But what if you needed assistance? Whom can you rely on before making one of the most important decisions of your life; after all, you don’t buy life insurance every year. You buy a plan and stick with it; upgrading, when you need to increase the cover amount.

Good news, your insurance agent is also online.

If you want to analyse which plan is perfect for you and your family then you can easily use innovative insurance calculators like this one from HDFC Life. These calculators help you choose a plan that fits your specific need thus giving you a targeted solution.

For any assistance during the research or buying process E-agents are available on chat and call for any clarification regarding the plan and additional benefits like riders.

A few insurers also provide a co-browsing facility where the E-agent fills up your form as per the details advised by you. Insurers like HDFC Life also let you track your policy details online.

Also post purchase, all your policy servicing needs like paying premium, policy modification , and even filing a claim can be fulfilled online (with or without assistance).

And the best part is that you can do all of this without going to an insurer branch or scheduling a meeting with an agent.

If you are still debating buying insurance online, here are 5 takeaways from my experience –

1. Simple policy comparisons: When you buy an insurance plan online, you have several choices. You can always compare different policies and choose the one that fits your requirement.

2. Tracking: All the information you need is available at your fingertips. You don’t have to make frantic calls to your agent during emergencies. When you buy a policy online, there is transparency and accountability.

3. Less paperwork: Having an insurance policy involves a lot of paperwork and you have to maintain past records of the premium paid. With online, everything is stored and you don’t have to maintain any receipts.

4. Lower premiums: Online policies have lower premiums than offline ones.

5. You can trust your online agent – You can enjoy the same, seamless customer experience when buying an insurance plan online. With anytime access to your agent, buying a plan online is a breeze.

Insurers like HDFC Life have realised the importance of incorporating new technologies into their insurance buying process making it more streamlined and convenient for the customer.