Leadership: Royal Exchange Plc partners Foundation to train students

Royal Exchange Plc has partnered with Foundation for Youth Education, a non-governmental organisation to organise a leadership training conference for secondary school prefects in Lagos State. The conference, which held last week at the Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos brought together over 800 secondary school prefects from 40 schools across Lagos State. Speaking to journalists on his company’s decision to partner with the NGO, Group Managing Director of Royal Exchange, Mr. Chike Mokwunye, said that the company is motivated by an abiding sense of duty and patriotism to contribute to nurturing the Nigerian youth to be productive and responsible citizens.

“The students attending the conference are already in positions of authority in their respective schools, and we want a situation where they continue to be seen as examples for others to follow. At the end of the training, we expect the prefects to be role models, ready to lead, direct and positively influence others around them,”, Mokwunye added. Speaking further, he added, “The Royal Exchange brand is well known for its empathy and high sense of patriotism. This partnership reflects our belief in the potential of the Nigerian spirit and the ability of the Nigerian youth to soar and excel in their chosen field when given the opportunity.

“As the theme “The Nigerian Youth in an Entrepreneurship focused economy” suggests, all of you gathered here today, are potential entrepreneurs, business leaders and the hope for a better tomorrow. You are all potential leaders of this great nation, Nigeria, who must be ready to step into the shoes of those leading today. The leaders ruling today will not be here tomorrow and as prefects in your respective schools, you are being thrust into the limelight, with a hope of a better Nigeria, resting on your shoulders. The question remains – how prepared are you for leadership?

“Royal Exchange Plc is Nigeria’s first insurance company, founded in 1921. After 94  years, we have since diversified into providing a wide spectrum of financial services which include general and healthcare insurance, life assurance, finance and asset management as well as microfinance banking. We are here today to identify with your aspiration as future leaders of this great nation because we believe in the potential of Nigerian youths to be the best in their chosen field of endeavour, be it sports, music, engineering or medicine.

So whatever you do, remember that you all have a friend in Royal Exchange because we shall continue to support you in order to raise “Today’s youths as tomorrows leaders.” The Co-ordinator of the Foundation for Youth Education, Mr Patrick Ajogwu said the NGO was founded with the aim of instilling academic excellence, promoting qualitative education and leadership attitude development.

Ajogwu said the aim of the conference, which is in its eight edition, is to enable students start early by developing the necessary leadership skills.” It also assists the students with counselling and direction as they begin to make their career decisions.  Royal Exchange has been sponsoring the School Leadership Conference for the past 4 years, started operations in 1921 and continues to be driven by innovation and a determination to offer services that are of exceptional value to its customers.

Following the recapitalisation exercise in 2007, the company was reorganised into a group structure comprising Royal Exchange Plc as the holding company and five strategic subsidiaries namely: Royal Exchange General Insurance Company Limited (Non-Life Insurance Services), Royal Exchange Prudential Life Plc (Life Assurance Services), Royal Exchange Finance and Investments Limited (Financial Advisory Services), Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited (HMO and Health Insurance), as well as Royal Exchange Microfinance Bank Limited (Banking Services).

Source: Vanguard