KBL Insurance pays N600 million claims in 2015

KBL Insurance has paid out N655. 087 million to customers who had suffered losses in the year 2015.

A statement from the organisation shows that this amount represents the claims paid to customers in various classes of General Insurance in the year under review.

Customers’ feedback showed that the prompt settlement of their claims has been of great benefit, enabling them to remain in business as well as restoring them to their previous state before the loss or damage they incurred.

KBL Insurance is also expanding its retail businesses to enable it serve a larger section of the society. To this end, it has an online portal which was launched in 2015 for some Insurance transactions on its website.

The statement shows that the company has continued to improve its service quality by maintaining speed and efficiency. KBL Insurance assures customers that their claims will always be settled promptly once all documents are submitted.

Recognising that the company’s productivity depends on its human capital, KBL Insurance has intensified staff training. As was the case in 2015, the company plans to further provide its staff with opportunities to improve their skills through relevant programmes in 2016.


Source: Guardian