Insurance Forum Deliberates on Customer Satisfaction

The need for insurance firms and other modern business organsations to focus more attention on customer satisfaction through quality service  delivery and  good personnel management in order to stand firm in today’s competitive business environment formed the thrust of discussions at this year’s edition of the annual Insurance Consumers’ Forum organised by the Almond Productions Ltd.
This year’s edition of the forum has the theme, “Customers Relationship and Management in the Insurance Industry’.

Poised to achieved its objective of promoting Customer Centric Insurance Industry, this year’s edition of the forum drew the presence of who is who from Nigerian business community , within and outside insurance circle.

Speaking at the forum, University don, Ekaete Augustine-Edet from Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos Business School, said no business today can afford to ignore two very important people: the customer and the competitor.

According to her, organisations that focus hard on the quality of services they provide grow faster, sometimes twice as fast as the competitor in the market place.

She defined customer service as the act of taking care of the customers’ needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful and high quality products and service.
She also sees customer service as  having to do with  treating customers with respect, individuality, and personal attention.

She said the essence of customer service is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, going beyond what is expected, adding value to every interaction, being at your best with every customer as well as taking care of your customers like you would take care of your loved ones.
She spoke on the expectations of customers from service providers saying customers desire reliability from suppliers and ability to provide what was promised, dependably and accurately.

She also said customers expect responsiveness , willingness to help promptly from service providers .

She also said they expect empathy which is the degree of caring and attention shown to the customers.

“Knowledge and courtesy you show to customers and the ability to convey trust, recognising the individuality of each customer and offering creative solutions to meet each need.
“Ability to convey trust and confidence by being courteous and knowledgeable about your product or service are all they expect from service providers,” she stated.
Also speaking Chief Executive Officer of Almond productions, Faith  Ughwode said her organisation has over the years been strengthened and fueled  to organise the forum by  passion for the Insurance industry, including the indispensable insurance consumers and the organised champions of  Consumer Rights Advocacy and the support of stakeholders.
She noted that the increasing relevance of Insurance Industry in the scheme of things and kind of support given to the industry by the media is a testimony to the fact that the future holds a lot for the insurance industry.

Source: Thisday