Increasing your capacity to earn as an employee

How have you fared earnings-wise this year? Has your income grown marginally or astronomically? Either way there is still room for improvement. There is no limit on what you can earn or become financially except those you place on yourself.
As long as you are gainfully employed and productively engaged in economic activity your earnings cannot be capped. You need to however take additional steps to raise the bar on what you earn. Start by setting an earnings goal for yourself. How much do you want to earn in a year’s time?  Write it down, visualize and affirm it

daily. Once this is done ensure to take the steps enumerated below:

In order to earn more you must learn more. The first step to increasing your capacity to earn is personal development. What you earn now is a function of what you know. Develop your knowledge about your career field and take steps to apply the latest and best practices on the job. This will increase your productivity which will lead to salary increases. Start now to read books, attend courses and seminars in your area ofexpertise.
Your progress as an employee depends a lot on your boss’ assessment. You cannot afford to maintain a difficult relationship with him/her. Start cultivating a pleasant relationship with the boss based on sincerity and respect. Don’t pretend. Most importantly work hard to help your boss meet assigned targets as the targets of his direct reports usually add up to his target.Good bosses will usually recommend subordinates who are problem solvers for increases or promotions. So work hard to be in the good books of your boss always.
Don’t be static; always be on the lookout for better employment opportunities. The harsh economic realities organisations and employees face have affected whatever shred of loyalty they have for each other. These days companies easily downsize their workforce without notice, and employees move from job to job looking for better benefits. Better pay and benefits lead to a better quality of life. There is nothing wrong in changing jobs.
Sincesalary is hardly adequate every employee must invest in developing multiple streams of income. Getting earnings from different sources is far better than getting from only one source.Stop spending everything you earn; instead keep a portion of your earnings aside for investment purposes. Take the time to study investment and seek for expert advice before investing. There are numerous investment vehicles to choose from – Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, treasury bills, land, fixed deposits and managing small business. You must embrace diversification to expand your earnings capacity.
What do you do with your spare time? Do you have a passion or hobby that can be exchanged for cash? Please begin to explore this option if you have not done so already. For instance those who love singing could join a chorale group or release an album and get paid for their efforts. You could actually take up a part-time job utilizing the knowledge you have gathered and get paid for it. I know that your hobby is supposed to be something you love doing; but there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make profit from it at the same time.
There is no way you can increase your capacity to earn if you do not have a good understanding of money and how it operates. You cannot control what you haven’t mastered; and money is no different. Money is a tool; a reward for solving problems. There are several laws that when applied lead to the creation and accumulation of wealth. You must seek them out and become proficient at working them to yield earnings for you. Becoming more adept in its use will cause more money to come your way.
Your environment is no excuse, and your age is definitely not a reason not to strive to earn more. Start today with what you have and take steps daily towards the expansion of your earning capacity. It is possible to build a certain level of wealth as an employee. I look forward to hearing your stories of rapidly increasing income and earnings.

Source: Businessday