Firm introduces online platform for insurance growth

Robertson Olusanu+Co has introduced an electronic portal,, to assist the insurance industry to sell its products and boost awareness.
A statement on Sunday quoted the Project Promoter, Mr.Akinola Odusami, to have said the platform would enable the public to buy and sell new and used items online.
He stated that though the crave for online shopping seemed to be increasing, bidding for items online was still alien to most shoppers.”It is obvious that Nigerians, particularly the elite, are now getting used to buying goods and services online, but bidding for items online is still alien to us, particularly when we want to dispose salvaged, recovered or obsolete valuable items,” he stated.
Odusami opined that Nigeria was about to witness the real time sales and delivery process of both used and new productsonline through electronic bidding.”The question is: do we usually have real value for items being physically offered for bidding? The opportunity to bid for an item is often limited to a very few individuals and the highest bidder among thesefew individuals is selected to pay,” he said.
Odusami said that transaction on the platform would be transparent; timely and void of any corrupt practice.
He said the platform was designed to address the challenge in the traditional andonline trading process where interested buyers might be denied the opportunity to appreciate the price being offered by other interested buyers and also prevented from making better choice and offer real value for an item.“This will allow real bargaining process which will ultimately result in higher offer and sale of items meant to be sold to the ultimate advantage of the seller,” he added.