ETI brokers, WellNewMe provide online health insurance

WellNewMe Company has announced its partnership with Enterprise Trust Insurance Brokers to provide an online platform that will help individuals and organisations to monitor their health and get information on appropriate health insurance schemes.
The Preventive Medicine Advocate and WellNewMe Founder, Dr. Obi Igbokwe, said this during a press briefing to unveil the WellNewMe online health monitoring platform in Lagos.

“Combining evidence-based approaches on an online platform to improve health and corporate performance is unique in this country; WellNewMe is about the only company offering that as a solution to Nigerian companies,” he said.
He explained that the company was formed in partnership with Enterprise Trust Insurance to make individuals more aware of their health risks based on the decisions they are making today.
While observing that it was usually hard to get people to make changes to habits that they had carried out for years, Igbokwe said the company was doing a lot of work to make the platform as engaging as possible to build a long term relationship with its users based and invariably guide them towards making those changes.
“WellNewMe is designed to be personalised for each user based on their health risks and goals. We believe this is a much better approach as it is likely to increase engagement and yield more results, especially when it comes to our corporate clients,” he said.
He said that workplaces had been fingered as a major contributory factor to the increase in these conditions as many workplaces were becoming sedentary settings and often providing easy access to energy-dense food and beverages.

According to him, workplace wellness offers a way out for Nigerians in the urban areas as a sizeable number of urban residents are actively employed and spend most of their waking hours in the workplace.
Igbokwe noted the conscious effort of the employers to improve the health of all its employees whether through health fairs, health education, medical screenings, healthy office snack delivery services, health coaching, weight management programmes, wellness newsletters, on-site fitness programmes and/or facilities and educational programmes.
The Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Trust Insurance, Mr. Pascal Egerue, said the online platform would help individuals and organisations to be registered and get access to appropriate health insurance plans.