Digital insurance will guarantee Nigeria’s future – Nwosu

By Emmanuel Elebeke


The recent fire that engulfed the University of Jos library was a disaster. But would have been less of a disaster if the library had preserved its materials digitally. It is this sort of digital insurance  that the Chief Executive Officer, Secured Records Management Solution and former Motorola staff, Dr. Sam Nwosu is advocating for Nigeria to adopt.


In an interview with Hi-Tech,  he said: “Under digital insurance, the future is well secured.  There is no amount of disaster that will endanger any documents insured under digital insurance.”

“In Nigeria, we do not take digital insurance very seriously. How do you protect your product. If you think of digital insurance, you think of enduring security. You must protect your data.” Continuing, he said: “It is either we embrace digital economy or we die. We don’t have any choice than to embrace digital economy. It is here, and is here    to stay. Whether we like it or not, it has come to stay. We are moving, we have to embrace this.” Nwosu also made a case  for e-government.


Nigeria has the fastest growing information and communication technology market in Africa, yet in spite of this, the country is still ranked low in the provision of e-government services to its citizens, especially in the day to day activities of governance. He is of the view that the emerging growth of ICT in Nigeria has not effectively influenced the development of its e-governance status due to numerous challenges such as the unwillingness on the part of the government to ensure a two way communication pattern in the governing process.


“Nigeria has no option than to embrace ICT in every bit of its activities in the digital economy,” he said. He said the digital economy is already here with us and since every country is making effort to adapt to its system, Nigeria will have no place to hide from embracing the system.


Under digital insurance, he said that the future is well secured insisting that there is no amount of disaster that will endanger any documents insured under digital insurance. Nwosu, who rued the poor acceptance in Nigeria emphasized the need for both public and private sector to adopt the system for future benefits.

Source: Vanguard