Any Insurance Cover For Street Beggers in Port Harcourt?

I may sound of appear foolish to ask such question s whether street and highway beggers in Port Harcourt have any live assurance coverage or simply put, if they are licenced to beg.
Of course anyone who witness what I would conclude as a usual sight in Port Harcourt, may also be tempted to pose similar questions if not exactly same. The reason is simple, these humans who by virtue of either their handicapped situation or choice of career, found themselves in the begging industry, are rather constituting more of a nuisance than they could attract the pity of the public.
To the motorists the risk involved, is more than the charity expected to be expressed at the sight of these ones. Their choice of points on the highways that risk their safety and that of the drivers, is one that calls for immediate intervention. I may not know that Ministry under which these beggers fall in, but I know that the government of Rivers State has what it takes to address this situation especially at this period when many road users seem to be possessed by the spirit of the last month.
Rather than allow motorists to fall victims of avoidable circumstance, I think it is quite honourable to toe the line of precautionary measures and put these victims of circumstances off the motor ways so that they are not crushed. A situation where a helpless begger would be stationed on Rumuola Flyover that is not able to accommodate just one vehicle at a time is quite appalling. It is worst given the foggy look at the mornings that impedes visibility in recent time. I therefore call on the state government and relevant authorities to please treat as a matter of importance and urgency the need to have these ones evacuated out of the motor ways in Port Harcourt.
Source: Unique Mezie Oroworukwo