Union Assurance becomes Ensure Insurance

UNION Assurance Company Plc has successfully obtained the approval of both the Corporate Affairs Commission and the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to formally change its brand identity to Ensure Insurance PLC.
The brand known as Union Assurance Company PLC is now ‘rested’ and in its stead is a Selfless, Responsive, Innovative and Ambitious brand now known as Ensure Insurance PLC

ENSURE is defined as “…to make certain that something will occur or be the case; to make something certain to happen ….” And this is exactly what we shall be all about.

Our clients will have the “ ensurance” that in the event of an accident, death, loss of property, business interruption, product recall, property damage and all other risks and hazards which we accept to carry on their behalf, we shall make certain (ENSURE) that their claims will be paid and restored in a responsive and selfless manner

This new brand is infused with a talented team of insurance practitioners and experienced process personnel drawn from the Nigeria labor market and global firms such as Toyota, Mckinsey, and Swiss-Re.
As a first step in the innovative quest to be different, we are the first company to secure regulatory approval for a Motor product that can settle your motor accident claims within 24 hours!!

Ensure is also the first company to offer steep discounts for ‘safer’ drivers. All female drivers; and male driver above 45 years of age can enjoy an additional 15% discount on their insurance premiums.

According to the Executive Team at Ensure, the insurance landscape will witness a much more competitiveand innovative brand in 2016 and insurance consumers will truly benefit even more from buying insurance.
With ensure, you don’t just insure, you ENSURE!


Source: Guardian News